I am writing towards and of a multiplicity of transformed bodies (which I wish to be).
I am practicing for futures.

Ana Teo Ala-Ruona is a Helsinki based performance artist and art educator. Their work focuses on queer and trans futurities, speculative fiction (=SF) and feminist pedagogies. Currently they operate mostly with embodied and somatic SF-writing and speech performances dealing with topics of sex, queer ecology, toxicity and gender. They also facilitate experimental writing workshops and organize an autonomous feminist and anti-racist night school in Helsinki.

They are interested in the artistic practices’ potentiality to generate new forms of collectivity, futurities and understanding of interdependencies, as well as space for unheard, marginalized or non-normative, queer and trans narratives and experiences. These topics they aim to discuss in practice both through hosting (often separatist) workshops and creating SF-worlds with language – written, spoken or sung.

Ala-Ruona has graduated from Master’s Programme in Art Education at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture in 2016 and from Master’s Programme in Ecology and Contemporary Performance, at Helsinki Theatre Academy in 2018. Their art education thesis is an artistic research examining how embodied and relational practice can deepen our ecological thinking and understanding of being-with. Their theatre and drama thesis is an artistic research about writing as a queer speculative fiction in practice.

Ala-Ruona’s art education master’s thesis available as PDF

Ala-Ruona’s theatre and drama master’s thesis available as PDF