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Ana Teo Ala-Ruona
pronouns: they/them
Instagram: anateoalaruona


2016 – 2018 MA in Ecology and Contemporary Performance, Theatre Academy of the University of Arts, Helsinki
2014 – 2016 MA Programme, Art Education, Department of Art, Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Helsinki
2010 – 2014 Bachelor of Arts, Art Education, Department of Art, Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Helsinki
2011 – 2012 Minor Subject in Contemporary Art, Department of Art, Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Helsinki
2009 – 2010 Fine Arts Programme, Adult Education Collage of Pohjois-Savo, Kuopio
2006 – 2009 Graduate, Kallavesi Highschool, Kuopio


2020 My flesh is in tension, and I eat it -performance demo. Kutomo. Turku.
2019 toxinosexofuturecummings. Mad House Helsinki.
2019 Philia. Co-performer in Marika Peura’s and Anni Puolakka’s performance. XS-festival. Turku.
2019 Performance consultant for Artor Jesus Inkerö in their piece: Score.
2019 toxinosexofuturecummings. Human Resources. Los Angeles.
2019 Clay erotics. Performance. Wonderlust-festival. Helsinki.
2019 toxinosexofuturecummings. Asbestos Art Space. Helsinki.
2018 Nowhere in Particular. Vapaan Taiteen Tila. Helsinki.
2017 Garden of Others: Lunch as a Temporary Autonomous Zone. Pixelache festival. Helsinki.
2016 – 2017 KSENOS. Helsinki.
2016 – 2017 Non-human Island. Reality Research Center. Helsinki.
2017 Last. Performer in Harriet Rabe’s performance. Helsinki.
2016 On Streams, Transitions, and Echoes. Re-Timing performance project. Asematila. Helsinki.
2016 Re-Timing performance project. An opening performance in Permaculture Festival. Isnäs.
2015 The BodyBuilding Project: Acclimatization. /teatteri.nyt. Kiasma. Helsinki.
2015 Johdatus/Guidance. Reality Research Center. Espoo.
2015 Relation Tryouts: Water & Air performance installation. Break a Brain Ecojustice Art Festival. Tampere.
2015 The BodyBuilding Project, Excavations. Gallery Augusta. Helsinki.
2015 The BodyBuilding Project: An Assemblage. LAPSody festival. Helsinki.
2015 KIL: Make Yourself at Home – Focus. Performance installation. Living Room Exhibition. Helsinki.
2014 KIL in Titanik. Titanik-gallery. Turku.
2012 Please, close the door. WerkStadt Kulturverein e.V., Berlin.


2019 TWAH (=These Worlds Are Here) writing workshop. NAVEL. Los Angeles.
2019 Peer Group for Trans and Non-binary Artists. In collaboration with Feminist Culture House. Museum of Impossible Forms. Helsinki.
2018 Writing Pleasure, Fiction, Avatars: writing workshop for trans, non-binary and queer people. On Transformations -festival. Third Space. Helsinki.
2018 AVATARS & FANFICTION: writing workshop with Emmi Venna in UrbanApa X. Ateneum. Helsinki.
2018 Writing workshop for artists, in collaboration with Jaakko Pallasvuo. Helsinki.
2018 Oooh jne. Writing Workshop. UrbanApa TOOLBOX. Helsinki.
2018 Jos Muutos On Kivi // If Change Is A Rock. Writing and discussion event. Artists: Ana Teo Ala-Ruona, Bogna Wisniewska, Emilia Kokko. Curation: Hanna Ohtonen. Asematila. Helsinki.
2018 Writing for Multiple Future Worlds -writing workshop for women, queer, trans- and nonbinary people. In collaboration with Tereza Silon. Hybernská ožívá. Prague.
2018 Words Make Worlds -writing workshop for queer people. Spinnboden Lesbian Archive and Library. Berlin.
2017-  Feminist and Anti-racist Night School. Organizer. Helsinki.
2016 Ksenos. Two day expedition on urban self-sufficiency. Helsinki.
2016 Emergent Economies. Three-day event in a Skills of Economy project. Mattering City exhibition. Copenhagen.
2015 The BodyBuilding Project. Inhimillisen rajamailla -työpaja. Mad House Helsinki.
2015 Relation Tryouts: Workshop with nonhuman. Break a Brain Ecojustice Art Festival. Tampere.


2019 You bring the light. (with Venla Helenius) Titanik-gallery. Turku.
2019 TWAH (=These Worlds Are Here). Installation. Gas-gallery. Los Angeles.
2017 MAECP At Work. Omenapuutalo. Helsinki.
2014 White Horses. (with Venla Helenius) B-gallery. Turku
2014 rituaLIFER. (with Jyri Ala-Ruona) Kalleria-gallery. Helsinki.
2012 Shivers/Väristyksiä. (with Venla Helenius) XL Art Space. Helsinki.


2015 Kesänäyttely. Ars Auttoinen.
2013 Antidote 7. Gallery Jangva. Helsinki.
2013 Ö – Samaan aikaan saaressa. Node-gallery. Helsinki.


My flesh is in tension, and I eat it. Performance project.
Deep Time Transcestors. Performance project.


2019 HOMEBUILDING ELSEWHERE: On embodied transitional fiction writing. Borrowing Positions -book.
2018 Nämä maailmat ovat jo: Kirjoittaminen queer-feministisenä maailman tekemisenä (Master thesis work in MA in Ecology and Contemporary Performance) ”These worlds are here already: Writing as a queer-feminist world-making”
2018 On Giving Voice, On Choosing Silence, Interview with Maria Villa and Hanna Ohtonen, We Need To Talk -magazine (
2015 Erottamattomuuden harjoitus – Kanssaolo ekologisen ajattelun perustana (Master thesis work in art Education)
2014 Taiteellista Agonismia – Pohdintaa taiteen ja aktivismin yhteistyöstä (Bachelor thesis work in Art Education)


2018 Wild Core: A seminar with MAECP, Helsinki
2017 Matter and Process, Helsinki (Performer)
2016 Hybrid Matters, Nordic Bioart Society, Helsinki (Performer)


2019 Kone foundation. Deep Time Transcestors-project.
2018 Taike. Words Make Queer Worlds  -performance and writing project. (name of the project changed: TWAH)
2017 TeaK grant for Queer Feminist Writing Workshops.
2016 Niilo Helanderin säätiö. (Ksenos artistic research project with Venla Helenius)
2016 Taike (Re-timing performance project with Gesa Piper)
2014 Aalto University Exhibition Grant (White Horses, with Venla Helenius)
2013 TTER (KIL)


2020 Saari Residency with Deep Time Transcestors -project.
2020 Kutomo-residency. Turku.
2018 Utö residency with Saara Hannus.
2017 Ponderosa residency. Stolzenhagen. Germany.
2016 Mustarinda residency with Gesa Piper. Hyrynsalmi.