Relation Tryouts part 2


Relation Tryouts was a process oriented series of various prototype artworks, which examined humans’ relations to different kinds of things and beings, through embodied and relational practices.

Relation Tryouts part 2 (Water & Air) was a second part of the Relation Tryouts -series. It consisted of a workshop and a three-hour long performance installation. Relation Tryouts -workshop included various exercises in which the participants were invited to look at and explore their surroundings in new and playful ways.

The performance installation was dealing with my personal relationship to water and air. The performance took place in a tent with flowers, cucumbers, glasses, sticks, mushrooms, and a water container full of water. The piece included also videos, plants, sound files and text, all of them focusing on the questions such as how do I consume, appreciate and carry water and air in my everyday life and body? People were asked to enter the tent one by one in order to create dialogue with me about their own relations to water and air.

The workshop and the performance installation took place in Tampere Break A Brain – Art-Eco Justice Festival in July 2015.