writing pleasure, fiction, avatars

’these two states of being, male and female, only exist as “biopolitical fictions,”
as somatic effects of the technical process of normalization’
– Paul B. Preciado –
This writing workshop invites trans- and nonbinary people and queer folks to write together in and about speculative fictional (=SF) queer worlds. The aim is to look for pleasure and enjoyment in writing as tools for naming and exploring the potentially endless multiplicity, fluidity and transformation of needs, sexuality and gender, gaining autonomy and creating possible (more queer) futures. We also play and create our own avatars by writing. We write about and as avatars from whose perspective we wish to experience the world for a moment. Queer-SF is approached from a perspective of somatic fiction, that moves and affects the body of the writer deeply: Somatic speculative fiction can be considered as ”home-building” or ”home-coming” with each and every word. It resonates on cellular levels, it re-writes the body, and it trains it for the futures.
First workshop has been facilitated as part of On Transformations -festival, in Third Space, Helsinki in November 2018. Next one will be facilitated in Asbestos Art Space in February 2019.
The work has been supported by Taike.